3.0 Usb Flash Drive

USB3.0 - also considered SuperSpeed USB - for those with PC or audio / high-frequency device to provide a variety of devices connected to a standard interface. From the keyboard to high-throughput disk drive, a variety of devices can use this low-cost interface for smooth operation of the plug and play connectivity, users basically do not spend too much thought in it. The new USB 3.0 to maintain compatibility with USB 2.0 also provides several enhancements to the following:

Greatly increased bandwidth - up to 5Gbps full duplex (USB2.0 was 480Mpbs duplex) to achieve better power management enables the host to provide more power for the device to achieve USB-rechargeable battery, LED lighting And mini-fan applications. Enable faster identification of the host device the new agreement makes data processing more efficient USB 3.0 storage device can be limited by the rate of transferring large amounts of stored files (such as HD movies).
For example, a use of USB 3.0 flash drive in the 3.3 seconds to transfer 1GB of data to a host, and USB 2.0 requires 33 seconds. Consumer electronics devices by increasing the resolution and storage performance requirements driven by the hope that through a broadband Internet connection to achieve wider media applications, so users need faster transmission performance, to simplify the downloading, storage, and a large number of multimedia Content sharing. USB 3.0 to provide consumers with easy connectivity it needs played a crucial role. When the device when used in consumer, USB 3.0 will address not recognize USB2.0 devices without battery problems. Host to reduce the current through the USB 3.0 slow to recognize these devices, such as mobile phone battery has gone bad.
For the purposes of systems and ASIC developers, USB 3.0 chips and IP to ensure a wide range of practical requirements of each design can be met in a timely manner. The full range of support for standards such as USB 3.0 is particularly important because the speed, advanced protocol and a variety of cable length (from a few inches to several meters) makes the design and standards compliance as a challenge.

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